Custom web development

I develop websites that are geared towards your business. A primary goal for a website is to have a single source for all your business's information accessible anywhere with a internet connection. Adding custom functionality allows your website to do much more. Your website can:

  • sell products/services
  • event organization and registration
  • customer relations
  • showcase your portfolio
  • or anything else you can think up.

Custom responsive theme design

Having a custom theme is key for your website to stand out, and to set your business apart from your competitors. Starting with a strong information architecture allows you to have a clean and simple layout that is intuitive to the user. A responsive theme will respond different depending on the device your are accessing it from.

Social Media

Utilizing Social media is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. People have embraced social media and trust it for brand recognition. If someone is buying a stereo and sees that a friend likes a certain stereo company on their social media page. The person is more likely to trust the add the friend likes than one they see on TV. There are more social media services out there than one can count. They all have niche functionality that makes them a bit different than the others. The three big ones that usually are focused on are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Your website can be integrated with different social media services. Post once on your website and your website pushes your post through to your desired social media.


E-commerce is a great tool in getting your product out to the right people. Having a great product is great, but you need to be able to get it to the people who want it. E-commerce allows people from all over the world assess to your products. Once they check out your product they can purchase it right then and there. The system will take their payment method with shipping quotes and taxes added accordingly.